Ingo Blechschmidt
Ingo Blechschmidt

Mathematician from Augsburg, Germany.


For school students

I’m a funding member of the Matheschülerzirkel Augsburg. School students aged between 9 and 19 who are interested in mathematics can participate in biweekly mathematical seminars, in monthly written correspondence and in our yearly mathematics camp.

We invite everyone who’s interested in creating such a program to contact us. We can provide a huge corpus of worked-out materials and share our experience in contacting schools.

Here are some of my written notes for the Matheschülerzirkel (in German), primarily aimed at students aged 15 to 19. More notes are available on GitHub (all CC BY-SA, feel free to change and use them for your purposes).

Here is an interactive environment for toying with randomness using Python (in English):

I also give yearly courses at the JGW-SchülerAkademie:

For general audiences (selection)